Sorynex aka Simon is a young fella from Germany. Hailing from the beautiful landscape of the Bavarian Forest in the very south-east end of the country.

Growing up there certainly was a huge influence on his taste of music.  He loves those melodic bits that evoke a certain melancholic and dreamy feeling.  You could really compare it to taking a walk in his home area on a romantic evening.

As a child he liked to listen to radio or watching music TV.  After Elementary School he has been into cross-over genres such as Nu Metal, Alternative Rock and Pop-Punk for several years as big part of attending Grammar School.

It wasn’t until 2010 that he became interested into Drum & Bass and several other electronic genres through acts such as ‘Camo & Krooked’.  Making the transition from more synth-heavy and electronic-party-driven D&B tunes to the mellow and organic style of Liquid, he realised that there are tons of producers creating his favoured vibe.  He thought that those guys & girls need more recognition for their stunning work.  Sory decided to support newcomers by sharing their music online.  This was the only way he could reach other D&B fans, as to date he remains a lonely D&B soldier
around his local area.  By getting more interested into kinda underground Liquid Funk in 2012 he found himself listening to internet radio stations and DJs contributing D&B mixes.

In early 2013 he decided to try mixing himself.  He got straight into it.  To get more feedback and in order to carry on his supportive work for young and new D&B artists he decided to start his very own radio show.

Sory plays a selection of mostly modern Liquid Funk tracks combined with a few atmospheric & deeper bits in between.  He represents  a new generation of D&B fans that didn’t directly experience the genres’ origins.

He continues to put out mixes for fellow DJ friends and his new live FSR showcase ‘Colourburst Radio’.


Show: Colourburst Radio
Schedule: Sundays
Time: 16:00 GMT

Sorynex - Future Sounds Radio