Radias first started clubbing back in 1991 were he saw Carl Cox Concept live and has been in the scene ever since. The scene then broke from the hardcore sounds back in late 1992 and was moving into the Jungle era.

Radias (real name Graham Little) is a UK DJ and Producer.  He was born in Hull (Yorkshire) and has moved around ever since.  Radias comes from a video production background, however started to play around with beat patterns in Reason back in 2006.  Since then Radias has moved onto using Ableton Live as his main DAW with plugins such as Subboombass, Alchemy, LUSH & Massive.  Nothing makes Radias more happy them to lay down a phat amen break with lush sounding synths and basslines.

The first Jungle track/EP that  Radias bought was XLR8 – What’s My Name EP (Dub Plate Re-Mixes) by Ray Keith. Later came a sound that got Radias hooked, this sound was coming from labels such Good Looking Recordings, Moving Shadow, Renegade Recordings, Legend Records, Dee Jay Recordings, Rugged Vinyl Records, R & S Records to name but a few. The output from these labels was truly epic… with what we now know as the intelligent drum & bass era of 1994 to 1997. One track resonates with Radias and encapsulates that era would be; Shogun – Nautilus (1996) Renegade Recordings. The intelligent era inspired a generation and Radias uses elements of this sound in his tracks today.

For the last two years Radias had a weekly show on Liquid Sessions Radio. This gave Radias a platform to not only to showcase his own tracks, but to reach out to people with his own flavour and style. Offering alternate weekly shows covering most sub genres from Jazzy, Deep, Intelligent, jungle and steppers.

Radias has had tracks signed on Soul Rebel Recordings, Soul Flex Digital, Odyssey Recordings, Monochrome Recordings, Chillax Trax & Soul Source Recordings. With more releases forthcoming.

As a sign of respect Radias now contributes to a scene he has loved and followed for over 20 years.

Radias - Future Sounds Radio