Melos and Benny

Melos & Benny go back a long way to 96 when they first met through a mutual love of hardcore and jungle.

Living so close to The Pleasuredome in Skegness gave the local scene a massive boost and although Melos was too young to attend the raves back then, he was busy at home mixing constantly from the age of 11 whilst Benny was out tearing up the dancefloor.

The two combined their passion for the music and started hanging out a lot more once Bukem & Conrad were on the scene and by the late 90’s they were mixing together all the time.

The Seasoned Jungle Show is a delve into the pair’s record collection, and the show as a whole is dedicated solely to the music they love. New / old and unsigned music, random picks, local guests, mixes from fellow DJs all over the world and artist dedication mixes can all be found on The Seasoned Jungle Show.

Tune in every last Saturday of the month, 2pm-6pm GMT.

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