Marcus Ezra

Marcus Ezra is an electronic music producer/sound designer from Nairobi, Kenya. Marcus gained a keen interest in music at an early age and has been mastering and polishing his technique and sound over many years.

He has varied interests in genres that span House, Nu-Disco, Drum and Bass as well as Sound Design for Film & TV.

Marcus has always had a fascination with everything out of the norm and this was the same with music. In 1997 he got introduced to various genres of electronic music through the odd track on local radio and later mix CDs he acquired from friends living abroad. He soon became an avid listener.

He got into production in 2002. With the desire to learn the intricacies of electronic music production, it quickly became a favourite hobby. Marcus also had eclectic tastes in music – He was the guy listening to soul/funk, house, 80s music and all sorts of electronic music in contrast to the more contemporary music in his local music scene.

Over the years he taught himself music theory and music production techniques which he quickly picked up and applied to his projects. Marcus has developed to become a pioneer of Liquid Drum and Bass in his local music scene and also joins the elite few African dance music producers who’ve had their records signed to International labels.

2013 saw him get his debut record signed to German Drum and Bass label, Soul Bros Records and many more records lined up for upcoming future releases.



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