FreeBird (Freiburg, Germany) has cumulated his passion for music into the production of Drum and Bass.

His affinity to music started early with playing acoustic and electric guitar. Later he studied musicology as a subsidiary subject on the university. From 1996 to 2008 he focussed his musical interest to all kinds of
musical genres – ranging from Hip-Hop, Reggae, Ragga, Blues, Jungle, Jazz, all kinds of Electro styles,
Classical music and non-Western music like Indian music.

Then, in 2008 he rediscovered his love to Drum&Bass with the help of the DnB internet radio station After being a mere listener for 2 years, the decision to do his own productions came in Summer 2010. Any style cant be defined yet – and will maybe never be defined.
Since 2013 he has hosted the BLACK FOREST SESSIONS first on Liquid Sessions Radio, later on FUTURE SOUNDS RADIO – each 1st Saturday of every month, 2pm GMT.

Signed to Offworld Recordings, Kill Inc.D&B, Liquid Tones, Funkstuff Recordings, Soul Flex Digital, C Recordings, Rotation Deep, Sonata Rec, Soul BrosRecordings, Connessione Recordings,, MonochromeRecordings, Exiled Recordings, DNBB, Point Audio, TMG, Soul Deep, Liquid Drops …

Show: Black Forrest Sessions
Schedule: 1st Saturday of each month
Time: 14:00 – 16:00 GMT


FREEBIRD - Future Sounds Radio