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From an early age, as far back as memory can serve, I have always had a big passion for music, from Mowtown through to the likes of Dire Straits, Madonna and Michael Jackson constantly being played by my parents.

Growing up hearing all this naturally fuelled the fire, so by the time I got my first walkman I started the explore music for myself, often stealing my parents cassettes and playing through generations of music.

It was about 1991/1992 living in Manchester in my teens that I came across Piccadilly Key 103 on the weekends with a certain Stu Allen hosting a show in which I was introduced to the Prodigy.  From that day on I was hooked to this fast, beat ridden music. This progressed through the rave years into the formation of Jungle/Drum and Bass.

Thats when I stumbled upon LTJ Bukem. I remember being completely blown away by the musical journeys provided by this guy and knew back then this was the music I had been searching for. Ever since that day I wanted to get involved. This started off by getting my first pair of turntables and completely turning into a vinyl junkie for the next 20+ years; listening to countless cassettes and hunting down each tune to add to my collection.

Which really brings me to today. Around 2 years ago I purchased Logic Pro, after a brief spell with Ableton Live which I couldn’t click with, and after months of frustration and confusion and countless calls to close friends who write music for advice, I managed to get a track together. From that day really I have been hooked, very much like the vinyl addiction I acquired over 20 years ago!

Now releasing music through Storejam, Soul Flex Digital and Soul Deep Exclusives and with music forthcoming on Soul Deep Exclusives, Soul Flex Digital, Liquid Drops, DNBB Recordings, and a 12″ Vinyl release scheduled I’m currently very inspired to spend all my spare time in the studio, especially with labels asking me direct for music for them to release.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with some great artists on collaborations recently and have been blessed to have my music played by Grooverider, Marky, Stunna, Scott Allen and Paul SG to name a few.

I am really thankful to all that have given me advice over the last two years and equally as thankful to the people that have supported me.

Expect plenty more music from me in the future, working with other artists on collaborations and on a fair few solo projects as I further discover and evolve my sound.

Show: Perception Beatz
Schedule: Sundays | Weekly
Time: 12:00 – 14:00